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BEYOND THE FLESH: Receiving And Keeping The Harvest

 Author: Tolu Cole  Category: Beyond Series  Publisher: Image 126  Pages: 129  Language: English  File Size: 1.07MB  Download

Jesus is beyond the flesh

What’s coming in the harvest and great revival is beyond any one man’s control. It’s beyond the control-spirit because it’s the move of the Almighty God. We’ve read of this in the prophecy of revelation that many seals are being open, many trumpets are being blown for those who don’t discern the quiet seals), and many bowls full of the eternal will are going to be emptied upon mankind and the earth. These are all moves of God. Satan, desperately desiring to hinder the move of God will stir men and women, boys, and girls, in deep rebellion, even religious rebellion. He sows deep seeds of selfishness, and personal ambition, for the purpose of blinding people to the moves of God. This darkness in men’s hearts and minds is what is called “flesh”. This is Satan’s strategy to keep the world from moving along with God in the present. So then, putting off this flesh, through constant repentance, allowing ourselves to be under God’s prophetic light and scanning, becomes the major way we live prepared for the moves of God. This is why we read the Bible, pray, fellowship, and do all we do. But what’s even more important in repentance is not just what we do, but how we do it. Doing work is not what’s most important but doing good works and not dead works is what is most important.

The major way we stay prepared for God’s moves is constant repentance because God is vast. He could have moved in a particular way yesterday but can decide to move in another way today or through someone else. Certainly, more spiritual authority and capacity will be vested into those who do not build their own empires in the name of doing the work of God, but build the Lord’s army,  through the fire of the Spirit of God.

When the fire of the Lord comes on the day of judgment, every man’s work will be revealed of what sort it is. So beloved, build by the Spirit, and not with flesh. If you are saved, be the circumcision that you are; worship by the Spirit; glory in Christ, and put no confidence in the flesh. But if you are not saved, then, please, be saved, be spiritually circumcised today, and simply believe in Jesus as your God and Saviour.

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