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BEYOND RELIGION: Revival Of Watchers & Warriors

 Author: Tolu Cole  Category: Beyond Series  Publisher: Image 126  Pages: 83  Language: English  File Size: 877kb  Download

This book reminds us that Christ has redeemed us from

dead works by His precious blood, into the realm of light

and fire. This is a realm of watchers and warriors. These

are the church of the firstborn, righteous men being

made perfect through the fire of God. This fire is the

perfect eternal judgements of God. Its the line we cross

as we ascend into glory.

There’s power availed in Christ. This prophetic power is

the power of the HolySpirit, in the name of Jesus. This

power works with watchers and warriors who work out

this salvation of God.

This book is also a prophetic and practical study through

the book of Ezekiel with focus on reigning by light & fire.

My prayer is for the eyes of your heart to be flooded with

visions and revelations of the Lord Jesus.

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